Rapid and reliable distribution service through our original system

Placing the utmost importance on customer care

Based on our customer-first policy, since our foundation, we have been proactively investing in facilities. We have the latest equipment in our warehouses, including electric movable racks, and the vertical pallet transporters. This enables efficient and smooth loading, unloading, and picking. Furthermore, Morimoto Warehouse uses a computerized quality control and information network system which provides various distribution information services, and promotes functionality and computerization. As a result, we have established a reliable total distribution system which enables effective logistics for our customers.

Warehousing Division Features

  • Provides a wide range of services, with 5 sales offices and 6 warehouses in Kobe and Nishinomiya

  • Can store normal cargo, fixed temperature cargo and cold storage goods in large or small amounts

  • Distribution cost reduction support through international intermodal transportation

  • Large and small warehouses with offices and parking lots

  • Import and export cargo handling in accordance with customer needs, developed through long years of experience

  • Rapid information provision through a distribution network

  • Responsible overall distribution services – customs clearance, storage and delivery of customers’ important products

Contributing to the development of the local community
through the effective use of our land

Creating and providing high-grade working spaces

Our real estate business began in earnest with the construction of Sannomiya Building North in 1965. Since then, as a developer firmly grounded in the area, we have promoted community development which anticipates the next generation of Kobe.
Throughout the process from development planning, construction, operation and management, we pursue convenience and comfort for our customers, and constantly create and provide superior working spaces.
Our office buildings, including Sannomiya Building North, are based on the concept of spaciousness, taste and comfort. We support the comfortable working lives of our customers.

Real Estate Division Features

  • Eight office buildings within walking distance of all lines at Sannomiya Station

  • Located in areas with excellent access to the Shinkansen, Kobe Airport and the Hanshin Expressway

  • Large, medium and small buildings

  • Proposals for sizes which suit customers’ needs

  • Space for many vehicles in abundant parking lots

  • Convenient rental conference rooms for meetings and discussions

  • Maintenance and management by The Sannomiya Maintenance Co., Ltd, which has strong technological capabilities and an abundance of experience


Original information system constructed with the latest technology

ISO 9001 マネジメントシステム登録証

Morimoto Warehouse has constructed an information system which introduces the latest IT technology. Developing software in-house enables us to rapidly respond to diverse needs, and contribute to the optimization of distribution. We also use a network (Internet VPN) so we can support an advancing Internet society. We provide our customers with various kinds of distribution information as electronic data, and offer a detailed service.